Association ARCADE

ARCADE: an association for the restauration of the château , animation et development of Sainte Colombe-en-Auxois

The association ARCADE (founded in 1986) owns the castle with the aim to restore the entire building; it was more or less a ruin those days. It was in danger to disappear in this beautiful region of Burgundy.
Besides the restauration of the castle, the association welcomes thousand of visitors every year for its design-expositions, concerts, workshops, etc.


Since 1986, a considerable work has been accomplished: total reconstruction of a demolished wing, restauration of the rafters and roofs, chimneys, stone dormers, ceilings, floors, doors and windows of the principal building.
The cultural centre ARCADE, place of the promotion and creation of contemporary design and art, organises expositions in the various spaces in the building. There is also a documentation centre, a boutique and a "tea salon".
You can stay in this unique accommodation for just a overnight stay or for a longer period, renting just a room or staying with a larger group in the middle of the fabulous countryside in Burgundy.
Around the expositions, the association ARCADE offers guides tours and workshops for all kind of schools and adapted to all different ages.


Menno & Anne-Lise
The accommodation team
We are Menno & Anne-Lise, originally from the Netherlands, but living in Sainte Colombe (very close to the château) since 2011. In 2012, being already volunteers for ARCADE, we were asked to run the accommodation in the château. We are very happy to contribute in this way to the activities and restauration of the place in collaboration with ARCADE. And it is with a lot of pleasure we would like to welcome you at this charming and beautiful location. We hope to see you soon !